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Paying tribute to the wooded history of the establishments in the Pacific Northwest, downtown Victoria’s Argyle Attic is vintage Canadiana. For late nights or eye opening first blush, think about posting up next to the crackling fireplace and tip your glass while toasting with a resounding, Canadian 'Chimo!'

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West Coast Canadians / Find us on instagram @ argyleattic


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'Chimo!' was what Canadians decided in the sixties should be our version of 'cheers' or 'chin chin' because we didn't have a toast like other countries did. It didn't last long, but Canuckophiles loved it.

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  • Up the stairs
  • 777 Courtney Street
  • Victoria BC
  • Canada
  • V8W 1G3
  • Argyle Attic
  • p. 250.360.2544
  • f. 250.360.2564